The Singapore Biotech Landscape Report (2nd Edition)

Biotech Connection Singapore is excited to present the 2nd Edition of the Singapore Biotech Landscape Report!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about strong macroeconomic headwinds for the Singapore Biotech/MedTech ecosystem. Despite this, the ecosystem has continued to progress on both the company and capital fronts due to national incentives and policies that have attracted foreign investments. The BCS consulting team has put together a report providing an overview of the Biotech and MedTech landscape in Singapore, along with insights on emerging trends and future growth, to serve as a guide to assist investors, entrepreneurs, governments and other stakeholders navigate the Singapore Biotech/MedTech ecosystem.

Free sample of the report:

The full report comprises the following 9 appendices:

Appendix A – List of Companies 

Appendix B – Role of local universities in Singapore start-up scene 

Appendix C – List of Incubators and Accelerators 

Appendix D – Why overseas start-ups set up R&D/offices in Singapore? 

Appendix E – FDA Classes 

Appendix F – MAS-Approved Venture Capital Firms 

Appendix G – VC Funding in APAC in 2022 

Appendix H – Public Funding Schemes for Biotech Companies

Appendix I – MAS Requirements for Fund Managers