Mitigating COVID-19 impact on the Construction Industry

COVID-19 has greatly affected the construction industry by causing employee absenteeism, a problem which leads to project delays and loss of revenue for many companies. Hear about how Genscript’s new SARS-CoV-2 cPass™ serology test for neutralising antibodies has been helping construction workers make informed decisions to take vaccine boosters and stay protected.

Life Pre- and Post-IPO: The journey of iX Biopharma and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

In this new and exciting article we capture the journey of two public-listed company – iX Biopharma and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, listed on SGX and Nasdaq respectively in a series of questions and answers. Hear what Ms Eva Tan, Director of Corporate and Commercial Strategy at iX Biopharma and Dr. Carl Firth, founder and CEO of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals have to say about their journey going public, and how start-ups can undertake this path successfully. By Shainan Hora