Alumni are currently employed in many different fields giving us access to different skillsets and point of contacts.


Abhishek Agrawal
Co-founder, Kinexcs

Christine Cheung
Assistant Professor, NTU

Daphne NG

Daphne Ng
Science Communication Lead, Nanyang Technological University

Dipti Thakkar
Vice President of Target Biology and Pharmacology, Hummingbird Bioscience

Fong Ming KOH

Fong Ming Koh
Associate Director, Heritas Capital Management

Franklin Zhong
Principal Investigator, NTU

Jing Shan Lim
Early Cancer Testing Lead, Lucence

Barbara Poinard
In-house Consulting Associate, Merck

Johnathan Ng
Venture Investor, Xora Innovation

Gerald Goh
Associate Director, Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Hanting Chua
Laboratory Associate

Cairan He
Director of Market Research & Partnership, VentureBlick

Ser Yeng Ler
Technology Manager, SUTD

Sharon Goh
Technology Manager, NUS

Shifeng Xue
Assistant Professor, NUS

Si Hui Tan
Senior Director, Cargene Therapeutics

SiangYun Ang
Strategy Consultant, L.E.K.

Puja Khanna

Puja Khanna
Clinical Development Manager, Lucence Singapore

Somsubhro Mukherjee
Associate Consultant, Merck Group

Zheng Shan Chong
Postdoctoral Fellow, A*STAR

Shweta Jadhav
Global Service and Support Trainer, ThermoFisher Scientific

Mayura Wagle
Director, Investor Relations and Scientific/ Corporate Communications ASLAN Pharmaceuticals


Angad Rao
Medical Science Liaison (Oncology & Immunology), DKSH

Shainan Hora
Postdoctoral Fellow, A*STAR

Sowjanya Kallakuri
Associate Director, Future Health Technologies

Jin Shajiang
Product Manager. TikTok

Rachel Zhai Weichao
Senior Associate, Vertex Ventures

Ling Wu
Research Fellow, NUS

Kevin Chau
Research Scientist, Hummingbird Bioscience

Natasha Ng
Senior Research Fellow, A*STAR

Chengxun Su
Field Application Scientist, GenScript Asia Pacific

Marianne Sheila
Medical Science Liaison, Lundbeck

Larry Loo
Research Fellow, A-STAR

Mina Sun
ASPAC Project Manager, bioMérieux

Sau Yin Chin
Director of Operations and Projects, GDMC

Seng Koon Lim
IP Leader, Chugai Pharmabody Research