BCS Bio-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (B3)

Excited about the growing biotech scene in Singapore? Want to learn more about the bio-entrepreneurial ecosystem?
Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) presents its latest program, BCS Bio-entrepreneurship Bootcamp (B3). B3 is a 6-week long immersive program where you will get to dip your toes into the world of bio-entrepreneurship.
Your key takeaways:
  • Take a deep dive into the latest biotech trends in Singapore and the greater Asia Pacific region.
  • Learn about identifying your value proposition and developing a business model.
  • Explore case studies to implement proven business strategies in addressing common business challenges.
  • Get a better understanding of fundamental concepts pertaining to regulatory requirements, intellectual property, and other legal matters.
  • Learn about developing a business canvas and identifying your value proposition before crafting your own business plan and pitching it to a panel of judges.
  • Meet like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.
Who is this for?
Whether you’re interested in starting your own company, working in a biotech start-up, consulting on biotech projects or looking to pivot into the biotech industry, B3 is the right place to start for you!
B3 will focus on on key biotech-related areas such as gene and cell therapy, drug development in pharma, immunotherapy, biomanufacturing and digital health over 6 modules. Look forward to sharing by representatives from Patients Engage, Janssen, Duke_NUS, A*STAR Enterprise, Novartis, fsLAW, and more! The modules are listed below:
Date: 21th July to 25th August 2021
Time: Every Wednesday 7pm to 9pm
Platform: Zoom (Meeting and breakout rooms)
Cost: S$50
Participants would be allocated into groups for the duration of the bootcamp to work on their business plan. All participants would receive an e-certificate after completion of the workshop and also stand to win a cash prize if their business pitch is chosen to be the best among the judges.
  • Participants must be able to commit 2 hours every week, for a period of 6 weeks.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to have a biotech business/start up idea in mind (may be hypothetical), prior to signing up for the course. This will ensure that they gain the most from this program.
Applications close 16th July 2021, 23:59.
As places are limited, please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted after registration for payment. Please refer to this webpage for any updates.
Please direct your enquiries to b3@biotechconnection-sg.org.

This program is a collaboration between

Biotech Connection Singapore and Chris L. Hardesty

Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and support entrepreneurship in life sciences, biotech, medtech and healthcare by forming a platform for academics, entrepreneurs, industry professionals as well as government agencies to interact and build connections.
We engage our steadily growing network of members in three ways; educational events, consulting services and communications. Through these engagements, we are able to connect innovators, industry experts as well as thought leaders to form collaborative opportunities and build supportive networks that help drive life science entrepreneurship in Singapore.
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As a member of KPMG’s Global Healthcare & Life Sciences Centre of Excellence, Chris is presently based in Singapore looking after developments in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior postings have included Europe, US, and Brazil. With experience across a range of geographies and project types, his passion is public-private partnerships to drive, innovate, safe, and economically-viable initiatives in the sector. In addition, Chris engages in adjunct lecturing, research/writing, and start-up/fund advisory so as to be a steward of innovation acceleration across the healthcare ecosystem.