BCS Career Interviews – Prof. Ooi Eng Eong, SAB member of Arcturus Therapeutics

The third article of the career series interviews with Prof. Ooi Eng Eong, Professor in the Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases at Duke-NUS. Prof Ooi also serves as a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member for Arcturus Therapeutics. Read on as Prof Ooi discusses his journey to become an SAB board member and the role the SAB plays in biotech start-ups.

BCS Career Interviews – Dr. Peyman Salehian of Allozymes

Wonder what it’s like to be a founder of a deep-tech company in Singapore? Biotech Connection Singapore is kickstarting our Career Series Interviews again! In this interview, we speak with Dr. Peyman Salehian, co-founder and CEO of Singapore-based startup Allozymes. What does it take to make a deep-tech company like Allozymes work? What are the challenges one must be prepared to face? And what takeaways can we glean from Dr. Peyman’s experiences? Read on to find out more.