Xiaojing HUO

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Xiaojing graduated from Nankai University with a BSc in Biological Sciences and obtained a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from National University of Singapore. She is currently Associate Director of Technology Development in an A*STAR spin-off company and is developing high-throughput single cell multi-omic platform for target discovery in cell therapy. She previously worked in two local start-up companies. Her contributions in R&D and clinical development of healthcare products have accelerated the companies developing into the new stage. Before embarking on her biotech journey, she had applied cutting-edge technologies in academia research for 10 years. Her academia research work resulted in over 10 peer-reviewed publications spanning the fields of immunology, cancer and functional genomics. She obtained valuable experience in technology scouting, team management, market research, competitor analysis and biotech ecosystem profiling from the versatile background in both biotech and academia. Through BCS, she would like to help foster communications and collaborations among scientists, entrepreneurs and industry partners in Singapore. Outside work, she is interested in stock investment, travel, delicacy and movies.

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