Case Competition Finals and APAC Healthcare Industry Panel Discussion

The Singapore Life Science Case Competition (SLSCC) ended on a high note with pitches from the top 4 finalists, a keynote speech on “Living Well, Dying Well: Prevention and Cure in the Healthcare Industry” and an exciting panel discussion on the current and future state of the healthcare industry in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) and our co-organizers (L.E.K. Consulting and ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific) were heartened to see a great turnout of over 100 attendees at the Grand Amphitheatre of ESSEC Business School.

Translational Immunology

The era of cancer immunotherapy has come, offering a beacon of hope in our long, ongoing fight against this serious disease. Increased knowledge of the human immune system has been translated into exciting clinical solutions not only in cancer, but other disease areas as well. The objective of this interactive session on Translational Immunology is to provide a comprehensive overview of the immunotherapy landscape and to highlight successful immune modulation approaches in various diseases areas cancer, as well as in autoimmunity and infectious diseases.

IGNite: A Fireside Chat with Mr Abel Ang, Group CEO of Accuron MedTech

IGNite, short for Innovators Gathering Night, is a series of fireside chats with biotech and medtech innovators to find out what ignites their passion to innovate within their fields. Following the successful launch of our first IGNite event in July, we were honoured to invite Mr Abel Ang, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Accuron MedTech to share his innovation and entrepreneurship journey in our second IGNite event, jointly organised by BCS and A*START Central on 27 September 2018

Singapore Life Science Case Competition- consulting workshop

On 10 October 2018, participants of the inaugural Singapore Life Science Case Competition (SLSCC) gathered at ESSEC Business School, Asia Pacific for a networking session and training workshop conducted by L.E.K. Consulting associates. The SLSCC is the first of its kind in Singapore and is a great opportunity for participants to get a taste of what consulting is about. The participants consisted of undergraduates, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers in the biomedical field, business school students, and industry professionals in management and investment roles.

Hummingbird Bioscience: an agile start-up takes to the skies

Hummingbird Bioscience is a highly innovative biotech company founded in 2014 to leverage the power of systems biology so as to transform oncology drug discovery and development. Harnessing its proprietary rational antibody discovery platform and supported by deep experience in integrative genomics as well as proteomics strategies, Hummingbird develops precision therapeutic antibodies for patients with the highest unmet need. With facilities in Singapore and South San Francisco, the company has built a pipeline of oncology and immuno-oncology drug candidates, and will start clinical trials at the end of 2019. Biotech Connection Singapore spoke to Dr. Piers Ingram (PI), co-founder and CEO of Hummingbird Bioscience to find out how the start-up spreads its wings and flies. The bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is the smallest bird in the world. Why did you name yourselves after a small bird? PI: Firstly, it is a unique name for an agile and nimble company. The…

Singapore Life Science Case Competition

The Singapore Life Science Case Competition, the first of its kind, is a business case competition focused on the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Put together by Biotech Connection Singapore, L.E.K. Consulting and ESSEC Business School, this competition is open to all university students, postgraduates, researchers and biotech/medtech entrepreneurs.