The importance of patents to biotech start-ups

This is the second article of a two-part series on intellectual property for biotech start-ups. Read the first article here. Why do patents matter to biotech start-ups? Early-stage biotech companies are often founded based on the exciting results of pre-clinical research relating to a new product or treatment. However, due to the need for refinement/development, as well as the extensive work required to demonstrate safety and efficacy in order to obtain regulatory approval, early-stage biotech companies are often a long way away from bringing a new drug or therapy to market. Unlike in many industries where a new company will have a product/service that can be readily commercialised to generate revenue, early stage biotech companies often find that they have a concept for a new product/treatment that could ultimately generate billions of dollars in sales annually, but have no obvious way to commercialise or finance the technology in the short-term. This problem…