Sungmin (Joseph) SHIN

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Sungmin (Joseph) received his BSc in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainability from Purdue University, United States. After completion of his bachelor’s degree, Sungmin has worked on several cross-collaboration projects in different industries. To integrate engineering and science and to gain technical expertise in both fields, Sungmin is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Nanyang Technological University. He is part of the Translational Materials Innovation Group, where his research involves engineering lipid-based nanotechnology using biophysical methods. He is currently involved in an industry research collaboration project with A*STAR Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) to elucidate the antimicrobial efficacy of eco-friendly compounds. Through BCS, he hopes to contribute to the biotech startup scene by bridging the gap between scientists, engineers, startups, companies, and government agencies.

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