Shweta has a PhD in Neuroscience from the National University of Singapore where she
established a signature of microRNAs in neuroinflammation. She is currently a Research Fellow
at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore where she is developing novel noncoding RNA
biomarkers in leukemia. During her doctoral studies, as a member of the Singapore
Neuroscience Association (SNA) she organized several conferences, Brain Bee competitions
for Singapore high school students and assembled and edited the SNA newsletter. Apart from
benchwork, she is passionate about Technology Transfer to ensure that innovations in
biomedical research which are often trapped in a laboratory notebooks are made available to
the world. Her hobbies include reading, dancing and traveling.

Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) is part of an international network of non-profit organizations, that aims to promote the transfer of ideas from theory to real world applications by providing a platform for fostering interaction between academia, industry and businesses.

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