Mitigating COVID-19 impact on the Construction Industry

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The city-state Singapore is currently facing another wave of COVID-19 infections driven by the Omicron variants, BA.5 and BA.4. More recently, the spike in COVID-19 cases was caused by another newly emerging variant – BA.2.7. Vaccination, especially booster shots are still crucial in curbing COVID-19 infections. However, the current available vaccines only target the original strain and may be less effective against the new variants. Waning immunity after a certain period of vaccination also further exacerbates the fear of living with the COVID-19 virus on a long-term basis. The million-dollar question remains: how do we increase the confidence to live with COVID-19?

A new tool to specifically assess the immune status of vaccinated individuals has been made commercially available in Singapore and 80 other countries globally. From early 2020, GenScript launched the first-in-the-world SARS-CoV-2 serology test cPass™ to detect neutralising antibodies.

Prof Wang Linfa, infectious diseases expert from Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore and the inventor of the cPass™ test shared that, “With the Omicron wave, cPass™ can adapt to measure neutralising antibodies against new variants to allow vaccine manufacturers to upgrade to 2nd generation vaccines against new variants or 3rd generation pan-sarbecovirus vaccines. We are leveraging the cPass™ technology for many epidemiology studies to achieve a scale that could not have been achieved using any traditional test platforms.

With the Omicron wave, cPass™ can adapt to measure neutralising antibodies against new variants to allow vaccine manufacturers to upgrade to 2nd generation vaccines against new variants or 3rd generation pan-sarbecovirus vaccines.

One industry that has been heavily hit by COVID-19 has been the construction industry. Construction projects have been delayed due to increased employee absenteeism and this has resulted in the loss of revenue for many companies. One affected company is the AcroMeta Group, which specializes in laboratory design and construction business. To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their construction processes, the AcroMeta management team has decided to include cPass™ test for corporate testing on top of the current government’s mandated testing measures. With the cPass™ test results, employees of AcroMeta can make an informed decision to take up booster jabs. This decisive action has helped AcroMeta Group secure a stable business portfolio despite the uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Leong Hoe Nam, infectious disease specialist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital shared, “I have witnessed the success of cPass™, one of Singapore’s greatest inventions. The cPass™ test has helped my patients to make informed decision on getting the booster jab and aided companies in managing their manpower shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Leong Hoe Nam, Infectious Diseases Expert conducting cPass™ Serology Test
to AcroMeta CEO, Mr. Lim Say Chin

With the rollout of cPassTM serology testing, there has been observable variation in cPass™ neutralizing antibody levels among AcroMeta staff who have taken the test. Individuals with lower cPass™ test value have been encouraged to go for an early booster shot. They can also choose to work from home temporarily and refrain from visiting crowded places before they are eligible to receive the booster shot.

Mr. Lim Say Chin, the CEO of AcroMeta was present at the cPass™ campaign. He announced that “cPass™ has become our chosen weapon to mitigate construction delays. We are impressed that cPass™ is available in more than 2000 clinics islandwide”. Dr. Yanfeng Li, head of GenScript Singapore manufacturing added, “We are proud to see continued clinical adoption of cPass™ across the region. Companies like AcroMeta can benefit from cPass™ as a strategy to live and work amid COVID-19. Personally, I am taking the cPass™ test every 2 months to monitor my immune status. A lower cPass™ value means that it is time for me to get my booster shot.

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