Joelle CHIA

Co-Director, Pharma To Market Pty Ltd

Joelle Chia is an expert in healthcare regulatory affairs and compliance in Asia. Over her 13-year career, Joelle has combined her pharmacist training with her knowledge of regulations to develop regulatory strategies, expedite approvals, establish and direct regulatory and ongoing compliance operations in 13 countries. She has previously worked at prominent pharma companies Merck Serono and Vifor Pharma, assisting to expand the market presence of their product portfolio. Her skill sets also includes facilitating interactions between companies and government authorities, negotiating terms in compliance situations, and representing company interests in trade associations.

As Director of Pharma To Market – Asia, she is responsible for running the overall business, including setting and leading the implementation of the organisation’s strategy and objectives, managing key client relationships, and overseeing the operating model.

An entrepreneurial executive herself, she has an unrivalled passion for supporting other entrepreneurs and is also an early-stage angel investor.

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