Hanting CHUA

Having received his B.Sc in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, Hanting is passionate about how academic research could be commerialised to provide real solutions for more people. He took pride in keeping abreast with with the latest market trends in biotech/ healthcare, and enjoys networking with like-minded individuals to discover new opportunities within the local startup scene. Occasionally, Hanting writes for Biotechin.asia where he shares his passion for writing and science with a larger audience. Being a BCS Ambassador, Hanting hopes to forge lasting relationships with more clients, and aims to grow BCS as a reputable organisation for life sciences in Singapore.

Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) is part of an international network of non-profit organizations, that aims to promote the transfer of ideas from theory to real world applications by providing a platform for fostering interaction between academia, industry and businesses.

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