From Clinical Need to Commercialization

Published by Biotech Connection Singapore on

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
5 Nepal Park
Singapore 139408

ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific and Biotech Connection Singapore co-organized a Health, Business and Society (HBS) Public Talk, “From Clinical Need to Market: Challenges to Commercialization”.

The HBS Public Talk series was initiated with the aim of facilitating and disseminating insights to relevant stakeholders in the industry, so as to deliver meaningful recommendations to both public and private policy decision makers.


Biomedical innovation is poised to become a key pillar for Singapore’s future economy, in areas ranging from biopharmaceuticals, digital health solutions, to diagnostics and medical devices. However, the commercialization of life science technologies is especially long and bumpy, with high chances of failure. How do budding entrepreneurs manage such risks and develop successful go-to market strategies? How do we prioritise the market segments to focus on, and figure out the best way to engage clinicians and payers?

In this Health, Business and Society Public Talk, we explored the perspectives of our experienced panelists, including successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders from public and private sectors.

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