Chengxun SU

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Chengxun received her bachelor’s degree in engineering (Bioengineering) from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. She is passionate in applying biomedical technology to benefit and generate positive impact on peoples’ lives. Chengxun worked in a medical equipment company where she was involved in equipment installation and setup in a newly built hospitals, following which she continued to follow her passion in biomedical technology by pursuing her PhD training in Biomedical Engineering, Interdisciplinary Graduate School at Nanyang Technological University. Chengxun took pride in her ability to work well in multidisciplinary research fields such as cell biology and microfluidics engineering. She enjoys networking with like-minded people with common passion and keeping abreast with the latest trend in biotech/medtech ecosystem in Singapore. Outside of work, she likes to do pilates and trailing.

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