The BCS Startup Series – Funding schemes for Innovation Enterprises in Singapore: Post Event Write-up

In this instalment of the BCS Startup Series on funding schemes, we invite managers and program directors from National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) Singapore and SME Centre @ Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SME Centre@SICCI), an initiative of Enterprise Singapore, to share with us about the capability assistance programmes and other programs under the same initiative (i.e. Startup SG programs), that businesses can explore and some useful information about the application process.

Regulatory Affairs Webinar Series: Post-event writeup

Regulations are made by the government to protect public health by ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines, vaccines, and medical devices. Based on regional and economic constraints, the regulatory bodies around the globe differ in their guidelines, making it challenging even for regulatory affairs professionals to navigate. To aid in the understanding of these variations, BCS recently organised a three-part webinar-based workshop series on regulatory affairs, given by experts in different domains of regulation in Asia, Europe, and America.

Scientific Advances in Times of COVID-19: Post-event write-up

As part of COVID-19 webinar series, Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) hosted speakers from academic and industry settings to discuss advances in the research community under the new ‘norm’, as well as the research efforts undertaken in facilitating basic and translational research in the fight against SARS-COV-2. The panel included:
 Dr. Ooi Eng Eong, Professor and Deputy Director of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School
 Mr. Rajeev Nair, Senior VP and Head of APAC Research Solutions, Life Science, Merck
 Mr. Mark Dupal, APAC Senior Sales Director of Twist Bioscience

BCS Essential stay home conversations on: perspectives from behind-the-scenes of COVID-19 testing

The essential stay home conversations is a series of webinars curated by BCS to explore how the biomedical community is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and how they contribute to bringing this public health crisis under control. Diagnostic testing or detecting the virus in patients is a critical step in determining the public health response and controlling the outbreak. Following the successful launch of our first webinar with Dr. Timothy Barkham (TTSH) about the efforts undertaken at the front lines of COVID-19 testing, we were honoured to have Dr. Sidney Yee, CEO of Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub at A*STAR, Dr. Lihan Zhou, co-founder and CEO of MiRXES, and Dr. Tan Min Han, CEO and Medical Director of Lucence, to share the exciting journey of developing and manufacturing these crucial diagnostic kits. The webinar was moderated by Dr Mayura Wagle, Vice President of BCS