Biotech Evening@SGInnovate with BCS

Monday, August 28, 2017 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Monday, August 28, 2017
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

32 Carpenter Street Singapore, 059911 Singapore

SGInnovate and Biotech Connection Singapore would like to invite you to join our next upcoming seminar event. Three exciting topics will be covered:

Topic 1: Changing Perceptions of Brain Aging

Dr. Shawn Watson, Founder and CEO, Senescence Life Sciences

Age-related cognitive decline is the natural deterioration of our mental capabilities as we age. Research suggests the human brain begins to age as early as twenty, and undergoes accelerated degradation after the age of sixty-five. With 760 million people over the age of sixty-five, 44 million of which suffer from dementia, brain health has become the top concern for health-conscious individuals and governments across the globe.

Join us to find out the basic precepts of brain aging and how his company is using cutting edge research to redefine the landscape of brain health.

Topic 2: Disrupting healthcare by transforming the consumer experience in doctor discovery

Grace Park and Cole Sirucek, DocDoc

Consumer empowerment is long overdue in healthcare. Imagine being able to select a doctor for yourself or your loved ones based on data and not hearsay. DocDoc is using the latest in clinical informatics, big data, and customer service to empower the consumer to find the right doctor for their unique situation.

Join us to find out their journey to transform healthcare by empowering patients in their doctor discovery process.

Topic 3: The Thrill of MedTech Innovation and Commercialization

Yanling Toh, Co-Founder and COO, Nephtech

Just as the heartbeat is essential to survival of any living organism, so is the thrill to any kidney disease patient undergoing hemodialysis. This thrill refers to the vibrations of blood flow that indicate vascular health to these patients. With the global increasing ageing population, digital technology is key to improve current solutions for preventive health and chronic disease management. As more innovators begin on their journey, to ensure the survival of their ideas, there are various aspects in commercialization that can determine their success. These includes considerations on regulations, patentability and market assessments. I will share about NephTech’s commercialization journey and the thrill of being in a MedTech start-up.

Dr. Shawn Watson

Dr. Shawn Watson

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Dr. Shawn Watson is a talented leader with extensive business experience in North America and Asia. He holds a BSc in Biological Sciences, a PhD in Neurophysiology, is a published author, and regularly speaks to communities, organisations and health professionals about brain health and aging. He was recently recognised as one of the Top 10 Influencers in Healthcare in Singapore under the age of 40. Dr. Watson is the founder and CEO of Senescence Life Sciences, a cutting-edge biotechnology company based in Singapore and Canada whose mission is to research, develop and commercialise safe, effective and scientifically proven neuroprotective compounds that address age-related cognitive decline. Under his leadership, Senescence won a spot as one of Singapore’s Top 20 Hottest Start-ups.

Grace Park

Grace Park

Grace is the Co-Founder and President of DocDoc, Asia’s largest doctor discovery portal with 23,000 doctors throughout eight Asian countries. DocDoc delights patients by empowering them to make their medical decisions bsaed on data related to medical quality. Grace brings with her more than 19 years of leadership experience, nearly 12 of which were spent in international healthcare where she led large-scale teams of distributors and direct-to-doctor, pan Asian sales force for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to DocDoc, Grace held leadership positions at Medtronic, most recently as the Managing Director for its ASEAN operations, leading the company to expand its footprint for medical technology in these markets. Over the years, she has also worked in companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb to market its innovative medicines in the United States, Africa and Asia Pacific region.

Cole Sirucek

Cole Sirucek

Cole Sirucek is an investor and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience founding, investing into and otherwise supporting entrepreneurial ventures. Cole has founded a diverse range of business in his career. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of DocDoc Pte. Ltd., which is Asia’s largest doctor discovery portal. He is also a Managing Director of Founders Equity Partners a direct secondary investment firm. Previously, Cole Co-Founded Epic MMA Club, Asia’s largest mixed martial arts training center. He has also served as an Independent Member of the Board of Directors for Global Eagle Acquisition Corp, a US$190M, NASDAQ listed Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation focused on the media and entertainment industry. Cole spent seven years as a direct investor with Temasek Holdings. In this capacity, he sourced, executed and monitored investments on a global basis in the firm’s telecommunications, media and technology group. He has successfully invested over US$500M in private equity direct and secondary transactions.

Yanling Toh

Yanling Toh

Yanling co-founded NephTech, a homegrown MedTech start-up developing cost-saving innovations for kidney disease patients. Through artificial intelligence, the home-use technology is also designed to integrate into healthcare systems, to improve the quality of patient care in detecting vascular complications. Her experience in commercialization of medical technology began 6 years ago as a public servant in A*STAR in the office overseeing MedTech industry development in Singapore. Her everyday interactions with committed thought-leaders in patient care, engineering expertise and scientific business inspired her to plunge herself into a spin-off from A*STAR’s Singapore-Stanford Biodesign office, then later to start NephTech, where the team believes in making a difference to patients’ lives through listening to customer voices to develop user-centric solutions – for the patients, by the patients. She is trained in Mechanical Engineering, Commercial Law and Tech Transfer and certified with the inaugural cohort under the NUS-RAPS Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Programme from the National University of Singapore.

Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) is part of an international network of non-profit organizations, that aims to promote the transfer of ideas from theory to real world applications by providing a platform for fostering interaction between academia, industry and businesses.

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