Beverly MOK

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Beverly is a senior scientist at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in A*STAR. A synthetic biologist by training, Beverly has deep expertise in protein engineering and genome editing. She is interested in developing cell and gene therapy technologies that enable precise manipulation of the genome and transcriptome. Applications include interrogating the roles of genetic mutation in human diseases and potentially correction of pathogenic mutations. She is currently a lead investigator on 3 research grants working towards development of RNA editing modalities to treat inherited retinal diseases and directed evolution of RNA polymerases to improve activity and enhance RNA biomanufacturing.

Beverly graduated with a BA in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at University of Cambridge in 2015, and a DPhil in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University in 2022 in which she developed the first mitochondrial base editor that introduces single-nucleotide changes into the human mitochondrial genome. Through BCS, Beverly aims to work with the exco to organize events that facilitate exchange among academics, industry players, and government agencies to facilitate the successful commercialization of technologies.

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