Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? – Webinar recording

In this EVX-BCS webinar, Professor Andrew Lo from the MIT Sloan School of Management will explain how the tools of financial engineering—portfolio theory, securitization, credit default swaps, and other commonly used financial techniques—can be used to reduce the risk and increase the attractiveness of biomedical innovation so as bring new therapies to patients faster.

Biotech in Singapore – Journeys of three scientists – webinar recording

In this EVX-BCS webinar on the journeys of three scientists in biotech, Dr Tan Si Hui, Dr Wai Lu-En, and Dr. Lee Yin Loon will share with us their journeys from academia to biotech start-ups. This panel of scientists will introduce to us a path for those with a spirit of creativity, courage and capability to bring their scientific discoveries to the market.

Four key terms in a licensing agreement

What is a shareholders' agreement, why is it important, and what does it need to contain? Faith Sing of fsLAW demystifies the function and contents of a shareholders' agreement, and offers tips on what you need to know when starting your new venture.

Future of Healthcare Week – Building sustainable systems for all

This November, join our second Future of Healthcare Week where 2,000+ healthcare leaders will explore how to navigate the opportunities and challenges around innovation, accessibility, efficiency, sustainability and the inevitable acceleration of digital healthcare that the pandemic has catalysed.

The BCS Startup Series – Funding schemes for Innovation Enterprises in Singapore: Post Event…

In this instalment of the BCS Startup Series on funding schemes, we invite managers and program directors from National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) Singapore and SME Centre @ Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SME Centre@SICCI), an initiative of Enterprise Singapore, to share with us about the capability assistance programmes and other programs under the same initiative (i.e. Startup SG programs), that businesses can explore and some useful information about the application process.

Duke-NUS Bio-Entrepreneur Series – Spinning out a cancer immunotherapy startup – The…

In this webinar, we will feature the story of PairX Bio ("PairX"), a new Singapore-based Biotech Company in cancer immunotherapy and latest spin-off from Duke-NUS AMC. The panel featuring Dr Raymond Lee, Scientific Co-founder of PairX; Mr XQ Lin, an investor in PairX; and Ms Cheryl McCaffrey, Director of Duke-NUS' CTed, will share their insights on the opportunities and challenges of starting a biotech company.