The BCS Startup Series – Funding schemes for Innovation Enterprises in Singapore: Post Event…

In this instalment of the BCS Startup Series on funding schemes, we invite managers and program directors from National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) Singapore and SME Centre @ Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SME Centre@SICCI), an initiative of Enterprise Singapore, to share with us about the capability assistance programmes and other programs under the same initiative (i.e. Startup SG programs), that businesses can explore and some useful information about the application process.

Spinning out a cancer immunotherapy startup – The Story of PairX Bio

In this webinar, we will feature the story of PairX Bio ("PairX"), a new Singapore-based Biotech Company in cancer immunotherapy and latest spin-off from Duke-NUS AMC. The panel featuring Dr Raymond Lee, Scientific Co-founder of PairX; Mr XQ Lin, an investor in PairX; and Ms Cheryl McCaffrey, Director of Duke-NUS' CTed, will share their insights on the opportunities and challenges of starting a biotech company.

Life Pre- and Post-IPO: The journey of iX Biopharma and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

In this new and exciting article we capture the journey of two public-listed company - iX Biopharma and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, listed on SGX and Nasdaq respectively in a series of questions and answers. Hear what Ms Eva Tan, Director of Corporate and Commercial Strategy at iX Biopharma and Dr. Carl Firth, founder and CEO of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals have to say about their journey going public, and how start-ups can undertake this path successfully. By Shainan Hora

Why Pregnancy Care Needs an Overdue Upgrade

By Esther Sang Myung Han Pregnancy care is a universal concern. According to the World Health Organization, 810 women die everyday from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, and 2.6 million stillbirths occur annually. Despite the fact that there are 165 million pregnancies every year and 50 million of those are high-risk, much less research is invested into pregnancy than other less common conditions (Johnson, 2019). But why is this the case? The Pregnancy Perception A belief may exist that pregnancy is a temporary state and therefore a temporary problem. As Diana Bianchi, director of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development stated, “Probably most people think pregnancy is a time-limited experience, and therefore, because it lasts only nine months, we don’t need to invest that many resources in it — because it’ll be over soon” (Johnson, 2019). People tend to forget that those 9 months lead to the next 90 years of…