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Ankur holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, where his research delved into age-dependent gene regulation and hepatocyte polyploidy. His technical proficiency extends to NGS data analysis, AWS cloud services, and a wide array of wet lab skills.

Ankur is working as a Senior Scientist at Biotech MNC, currently based in Singapore. With a proven track record in leading the development and optimization of clinical diagnostic assay data analysis, he specializes in building robust cloud data analysis pipelines, resulting in significant computing and storage cost reductions while enhancing turnaround time.

Ankur brings extensive experience in managing cloud services and data analysis. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the implementation of best practices for data transfer, storage, and security, contributing significantly to the trust and satisfaction of local and overseas clients.

With a diverse background encompassing roles in Clinical research, Biotech research, Genomics, and Pharmaceuticals, he possesses a rich skill set ranging from troubleshooting quality issues to developing analytical methods and protocols adhering to cGMP guidelines.

Beyond his technical acumen, he is an accomplished presenter and researcher, having delivered talks and presentations at various international forums. His commitment to excellence has been recognized through prestigious awards, including the Nanyang Awards, Nanyang Research Scholarship, MHRD scholarship, Falling Walls Lab, 3MT, etc.

As a hardworking team player and motivator, he channels his attention to detail into every project. Outside the lab, he finds joy in writing blogs, reading, and engaging in sports and board games. Currently looking to explore the intersection of technology and life sciences, unraveling innovative solutions for a rapidly evolving world.

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