Alexandra VIAL

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Alexandra has 2 master degrees in both biomedical engineering as well as marketing/management.

For about 3 years, Alexandra has been working as a Product Manager based in Seattle, Washington. With a clinical focus of Liver and MSK clinical applications, she played a key role in launching innovative ultrasound solutions for tissue stiffness assessment as well as the clinical validation of new features.

Prior to joining the Philips team in Seattle, Alexandra worked in the French market in a sales/application role as well as taking on several market introduction projects including the very first ultramobile ultrasound of Philips. In her new role as Marketing Manager in APAC, Alexandra is responsible for continuing the growth of Philips Ultrasound in the Radiology segment by collaborating across countries to launch locally relevant value propositions and generate demand targeted at capturing the sales and profit potential of the Ultrasound solutions in this segment.

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys hiking and horseback riding.

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