GSK Will Receive $140B+ Bid in Q4, From Suitors Including Pfizer and AstraZeneca


In a recent online poll by BioSpace (DHX), it is said that they believe GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will be acquired in 2015, as the market continues to reverberate from an analyst note that suggests a new company combination dubbed “PfizerKline” would be the best option for the struggling company. The poll survey included 405 respondents globally found that a quarter believed Glaxo would be bought for between $140 billion to $150 billion, while another 25 percent thought it would have a $150 billion to $160 billion price tag. The remainder said they thought Glaxo would get a bid in excess of $160 billion, with 12 percent responding they didn’t believe any bid would be forthcoming.